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When it comes to choosing the right hardware for your POS, there is no better choice than Touch Dynamics. They are a USA based manufacturer of high quality terminals and peripherals. Winner of infinite awards for their innovative designs as well as their outstanding technical support. For many years we have relied on their quality parts to service our clients and have been able to keep our customer's equipment running at optimum performance. While many will argue that such quality hardware is expensive, we want to assure you that in Touch Dynamics inventory of products, there is a matching terminal for every budget.

Throughout the years we have seen the release of products to which we think there is no more room for improvement, then they come up with new ideas from customer feedback, that prove us wrong. From a technical point of view, they have accommodated the latest chipsets and options for each of their all in one models. One of their latest additions to the All In One family is the Acrobat J1900

The Acrobat All-In-One POS offers two processor options the D2550 & the J1900, and two color options in white and black, and is a touch terminal POS system that is powerful and durable enough to handle even the most demanding applications. True to its name, the Acrobat boasts a 14.1” widescreen LCD LED with a fully adjustable die-cast foldable base. In addition, this touch terminal is wall mountable and features a true flat resistive touchscreen and options that include a magnetic stripe reader, biometric reader, and customer display. Two processor options include the Intel® Atom™ Dual Core Processor D2550 1.86GHz and the Intel® Celeron® Quad Core Processor J1900 2.0GHz CPU. Each comes with a large variety of IO ports and are fanless and ventless as well as spill and dust resistant, so it is perfect for harsh environments. The touch terminal also has optional wireless a/b/g/n LAN, barcode scanner, and is known for low power consumption.

A great contender to the Acrobat All In One, would be the Pulse All In one. The Touch Dynamic Pulse All-In-One system offers features to expedite workflow processes, including a quick detachable base, 15” LCD with resistive touch screen, up to 4 GB of RAM and a fanless system for peak performance in harsh conditions. Two processor options include the Intel Celeron Quad Core J1900  2.0 Ghz and the Intel Atom Dual Core D2550 1.86 Ghz.  The Pulse J1900 comes with projected capacitive touch screen.  Additionally, choose from a variety of add-on options like a biometric reader or an integrated thermal receipt printer.

Nevertheless, Touch Dynamic is not only a manufacturer of POS Terminals, they also have in their arsenal of hardware the Quest tablet, a Windows and Android based tablet with a built in credit card swiper or MSR, an expandable cradle base that allows for the attachment of USB, Serial and wired ethernet. Extremely durable and with a hand strap attached to the back of the unit, your servers will enjoy both the portable 7 inch model, or the bigger screen the 10 Inch version can offer. They are also manufacturers of cash drawers, thermal printers, dot matrix printers, barcode scanners and mobile printers.


Visit their website at for a full spectrum of their product line.

While our company can help you and provide immediate support for a wide variety of Point of Sale programs, you will find that we only sell and endorse Focus Pos to be our Hospitality software solution.  The program comes loaded with a unique Table Management System that allows you to interact with the most complicated of Floor Plans Layouts with ease through its detailed graphical design. Managers can have total control of the floor and have  all pertinent details of each individual guest checks and detect any anomalies in service, yielding superb customer satisfaction and paving the road to building your patrons trust for a long term relationship.

Since it is nearly impossible to be at the restaurant 24x7, Focus Pos is there working for you, keeping you informed of every detail even in your absence. Just grab your phone or tablet and download the MyFocus App and have live feeds from the restaurant directly on your mobile device. Immediately be notified when someone voids or discounts a check or items on it, as well as important information such as the successful batching of your  credit card transactions for the day.

Focus Pos is also equipped with a state of the art Inventory system, where you can keep track of purchase orders, invoices and create recipes for all the items on your menu  to generate daily inventory reports  and quickly discover inventory discrepancies. Take advantage of its countdown inventory feature, free with its basic license, and keep a graphical detail from every menu screen of actual inventory counts.

You can now send to the attic the time cards and the outdated Time Clock, because Focus is also your employee's time keeper. With either a 4 digit code, a swipe card or the most secure Fingerprint Access control, your employees can no longer call each other when they are late and beat your attendance control. Scheduling of  employees time through Focus also ensures that they do not clock in prior to their shift starting, and the need for a managers approval if they are late at clock in or clocking out past the end of their shift, discourages bad habits and promotes efficiency . Forecast your labor and utilize Focus Sales Projections. Always know when your employees are close to reaching overtime pay, and your labor/sales percentage cost comparison. Sounds complicated to achieve, but all these information is automatically generated without the need to even run a report, it is easily accomplished just by logging into the backoffice program with your management credentials and reaching the newly designed nFocus Dashboard.

If security of your sales data and customer information is important to you, so it is for the Focus Development team. Every key section of the office program can be assigned unique access rights in order to restrict  undesired access to employee data, sales records, reports, menu items and their cost, and many more. Also Focus takes care of data Backup by having a redundant automatic backup that sends all your pos data to a secondary terminal. If your main terminal breaks, this backup station can be activated by management to continue as the main pos server, eliminating downtime completely in the event of a major terminal crash.

Deliveries and customer accounts are a breeze with the Focus Pos Delivery Module, integration with a caller id makes order taking fast and efficient. your customers last 10 orders are kept in a history for that client and can swiftly be recalled to start a new check. Drivers are assigned their orders and the system keeps track of how much time they have been out with an order. The system will also make sure the drivers reach the correct address by integrating with both Google and Yahoo maps for the most current and updated information on roads. Drivers can print directions right from the screen.

As an added bonus, Focus gives you integration to coin dispensers, digital signage for menu boards and promotions, and Camera DVR integration FREE OF CHARGE. This is quite useful, as you can see a flow of the data coming from the order screen, right on your camera feed. Deletions, Voids, Discounts and every menu item added or deleted gets recorded on the video for your convenience. Scale integration, kitchen video display systems ( KDS ), Paychex, ADP, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Online Ordering, QSR Online, Hot Schedules, Loyalty programs, Gift Cards and a direct interface to all major credit card processing companies.

Focus Pos has a built in gateway to the following providers, Heartland, First Data, Tsys, Mercury, Sterling, Vantiv, WorldPay, Paymentech, and is now EMV ready through Datacap Systems NetEpay EMV US with all Datacap certified processors. For a list of current and future EMV ready merchant providers visit Datacap Systems at






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